Week 4: PROJECT: Serial Communication(In Progress)

Project: A Buzz Wire Maze

Group member: Heyu Zhang, Kimaya Malwade and Yuan Chen

Assignment requirement:
1. one example of communicating between the Arduino and Processing
2. the piece should demonstrate a good (or funny) reason for existing

Scary Maze Game

Scary Maze Game

Buzz Wire Game

Buzz Wire Game

Inspired by “Buzz Wire Game“ and “Scary Maze Game”, we are working on making a maze game. The player controls the movement of a small circle on the screen by playing with a distance sensor and a pressure sensor. If any part of the circle touches the barrier(color blocks on the screen), the circle will be forced to get back to the starting point (top left of the canvas) and restart the game.




The Circuit Test

The Schematics

Image from iOS.jpg

the Test Code(Arduino)
(The team use this code to make sure all the components on the Arduino board work.)

the Test Code (Processing)
Let the circle back to top left corner when hit the red block


(To be continued…)