World of Makers

An app for freelancers to live a better life in the nearest future.

The trend is here. In 2050, everyone will be a freelancer.
In 2050, barely any office located in skyscrapers is needed in the world. People all work remotely. They probably wear pajamas at home, or sipping a cup of coffee in a coffee shop nearby their homes, while work on projects. People can live at the North Pole if they want, and still be able to participate projects based at New York City.


This work mode develops the feel of instability. Freelancers don’t have stable monthly salaries.

Freelancers also get isolated in the society. They do not have a sense of belonging to a certain group. They need a new way to build social connections, rather than just be called to get on board for finishing a project.

They need ways to gain the sense of accomplishment while working on projects, and more efficient way to present their talents to potential clients, rather than waiting for being picked.

“World of Makers“ is an app that help freelancers to build social connections with other freelancers, give credits to creative individuals for every attributes they made, and present talents potential clients.



This is not fiction. According to Freelancers Union “53 million” report, the U.S. independent workforce increased dramatically in nearly a decade.


Source:  Upwork

Source: Upwork

“The majority of the U.S. workforce will soon freelance – At its current growth rate, we will reach this milestone by 2027.”

While finances are a challenge for all, freelancers experience a unique concern — income predictability. The study found that, with the ebbs and flows of freelancing, full-time freelancers dip into savings more often (63 percent at least once per month versus 20 percent of full-time non-freelancers).”

As the term of “company“ and “agency“ fade out, freelancers tend to ask for more credits of the projects as individuals. Inevitably, the feeling of anxiety builds up. Freelancers do not have promised stable income monthly, and have a hard time to advertise and expand their talents. They need a way to visualize the efforts they put into projects, in order to get a sense of accomplishment, and being proud of creating things for a living.

Freelancers are much isolated and specialized. Usually freelancers are called for make a small part of a large project: a storyboard for a champaign, a 3D model for an installation, a photo refinement of an advertising poster, etc. What if the skills they have are replaced by other techniques someday? What then?

Here is WORLD of MAKERS:
A mobile app, associated with AR technique,

  • exaggerates the credits of individuals for projects,

  • enable potential clients to find talents whenever they see some good designs in their daily life,

  • help creative individuals to team up (get an own “realm”) make something cool!


Enable user to scan and check the credits of any project in real world.

If you are a freelancer,
you can find your name and profile picture tagged to every project you participated, even a piece of nail counts!

If you are a potential client,
you can find the right freelancer by just take a walk the city.

1. Manage personal skill sets
2. Manage the creative communities(“the realms”)
The “realm”(yes, I borrow the term from Word of Warcraft)
will get levels up by completing more projects (side projects
counts!) This rank gives an idea of how creative and efficient
this group of people is.
3. Showcase past projects, so that potential clients will know
what this individual’s expertise and experience are.

Home Page
a customized personal page for freelancers.
1. Track down to-do-list
2. Manage current projects