Week 5: PROJECT: Serial Communication Phase2

Project: A Buzz Wire Maze

Group member: Heyu Zhang, Kimaya Malwade and Yuan Chen

Assignment requirement:
Continued from last week.
The goal for last week: concept, design, circuitry finished
The goal for this week: Processing code, serial communication, testing, iteration finished

Continuing working from last week, the team:

  • finalize the visual design of the game

  • write the program to make a communication between the Arduino and Processing

The Start Screen
The player starts the game by hitting the space bar, getting rid of the “starting” button in the middle of the screen and a small square controlled by sensors (distance sensor along the X-axis, pressure sensor along the Y-axis) appears on the top left corner of the screen.


Adjust the variables by playing with the sensors, the player sends the square to the bottom left of the screen, where the image of “Fin.“ located.

The final image only appears when the player reaches the Fin. point.

The final image only appears when the player reaches the Fin. point.

ATTENTION: Do not let the small square touch any of the blocks on the screen. Otherwise, the square will be sent back to the top right. Game restarts.


The Code
Download the code package here

The Demonstration Video