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Money Filter is an app targeting college students. This app aims to help the users to:

•Manage their money currently in their pocket
•Improve their spending habits by categorizing the products they buy
•Forecasting the future to avoid a possible financial crisis and manage one’s budget.

I worked with Nicole Wang on this project. We separated the app into two parts: Category and Forecasting. I am in charge of the Forecasting module.

The Forecasting Module aims to visualize a possible financial future by comparing user’s previous habits and scheduled future payments.

Based on the estimation, the app also helps the user to try out multiple spending adjustments to avoid any financial crisis in the coming year. The app also encourages
the user to build up good habits in managing one’s money.
A shortcut function enables the user to see how an additional one-time splurge would affect his/her financial situation in the future.



The Overview module enables the user to forecast one’s possible balance for one year in the future. The user is asked to input data like rent, utility, and estimated cost of groceries. Money Filter visualizes the result. If there’s a point in the next year that the balance goes below zero, the app shows an alarm bar on the top of the screen.

make a plan


The Make A Plan module provides the possibility for the user to manage one’s budget by trying out different possibilities of spending and saving.

The user can choose different combinations of accounts adjustments to get to a point that prevents a crisis in the coming year. Once the numbers balance, the user see the attention mark disappeared and they can settle down all necessary changes.

one time estimator
alert dropdown menu


The Can I Buy This? Module is a shortcut for the user to see a one-time quick estimation of the effect of a purchase.

If the user is already in a store and wondering if he can afford a $100 jacket,
he can plot in the specific amount and visualize the Impactt of the purchase.


Flow chart of the app

Flow chart of the app